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Mr. Warren Kim

    We serve the people of Hawaii, including outer islands. Immigration laws are complex, and many people can avoid rejections and delays by hiring a Hawaii immigration lawyer.

    We provide services for naturalization, visas, family-based petitions, investment visas, and deportation defense.

    The main immigration office is located on Oahu, as well as the immigration court. While there are unauthorized people who help you fill up forms, they cannot give you legal advice, and they cannot accompany you to an interview at the Honolulu immigration office.

    An immigration lawyer in Honolulu can advise you on your specific case. We provide fixed-cost fees for basic naturalization application process, family-based immigration petitions, and visa issues. Once your petition or application is rejected, your case will have more difficulty obtaining future approvals.

    우리법률사무소는 귀하의 이민 신분과 권리에 영향을 미치는 어려운 문제를 처리합니다.

  • 배우자초청(영주권신청및취득)
  • 한국에서2년동안체류할수있는허가서
  • 미국에서비자연장및 체류신분연장
  • 학생비자신청및 연장
  • 가족초청비자(부모및형제) 영주권신청
  • 종교이민및 종교비자(영주권신청)
  • 시민권신청(변호사동반인터뷰)
  • 입국거절시(합법적인해결)
  • 이민법과연결된형사법추방재판
  • 범죄기록이있는분(영주권및시민권수속)

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