Law Office of Warren Kim

Warren Kim 김웨렌

Mr. Warren Kim

  • 1992 graduate from University of Hawaii, Richardson School of Law
  • Current CAAP Arbitrator for the First Circuit Court, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Member of American Immigration Association of America
  • Past lecturer on international economics law at a university
  • Past in house counsel for a multi-national company, POSEC, with legal experiences covering the globe for projects worth from 500 million to a billion US dollars in countries like India, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Germany, Malaysia, France, and many other countries.
  • Fluent in English and Korean
  • Former legal consultant in Korea
  • Over twenty-five years experience as an attorney

  • 법학박사92년도졸업
  • 93하와이변호사협회회원및하와이합동법률사무소실무경험
  • 대학법학교수및기업고문변호사
  • 한국기업포항제철(POSCO)국제계약및검토국제변호사
  • 한국국영기업체(한국중공업)법률검토및계약서검토
  • 현하와이이민변호사협회회원
  • 현하와이법원CAAP중개인
  • 하와이중앙일보법률칼럼기재

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